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تسجيل الموردين والإستشاريين
Consulting firms registration form
Firm Identification
Firm Name* Firm Ownership (Single or Partnership)
Country of Registration Year of Establishment
Main Office Address (street and Mail Box) City, Country
Telephone No. Fax No.
Owner's First name* Owner's Last name*
E-mail Address* UserName*
Password* Confirm Password*
Contact Person and Title Classification Type
Main Specializations
Present Branch Office(s)
Branch* P.O.Box Address
Country City
Telephone No Fax No
Email Contact Person
Affiliated Offices
Affiliated Firms Names (if any)
Main Discipline Address
Number of Specialized Staff in the Following Fields :
Main Staff SpecializationFull-timePart-time
 Architecture and Urban Planning
 Biology and Chemistry
 Engineering Design
     Airports and Harbors
     Specialized Buildings (Hospitals, Schools, etc.)
     General Buildings
     Roads and Bridges
   Water and Waste Water
   Hydraulic Structures (Dams, Weirs, Regulators )
   Rural Development and Land Use
 Engineering Construction Supervision
   Management and Operations
   Quantity Surveying and Estimation
   Testing (Materials, Labs..)
 Environment, Health and Population
 Financial Management
   Financial Analysis
   Development Banking
   Micro Credits
 Human Resources
 Human Resources and Social Development (Education, Training)
 Information Technology
 Support Staff (Administration, Financial and Others)
Number, Value and Gross Fees of Projects Handled in the Last 5 Years (in US$) :
Year Number of Projects
Total Value of Projects Total Gross Fees
Work at Hand in Current Year …………… (in US$) :
Project Description Project Value
Project Fees
Fields of Specialization of permanent full time staff (Mark X if any)
NoFields of SpecializationX if any
A-Agricultural and Natural Resources
A-1 Farm Mechanization
A-2 Filed and Horticultural Crops
A-3 Fisheries
A-4 Forestry and Forest Products
A-5 Irrigation Control
A-6 Land and Water Feasibility Studies
A-7 Land Reclamation and Soil Conservation
A-8 Livestock
A-9 Marketing and Credit
A-10 River Regulation and Flood Control
A-11 Storage Facilities
B-1 Airports and Air Transport
B-2 Bridges
B-3 Bus Transport Facilities
B-4 Highway and Road Transport
B-5 Pavements
B-6 Pipelines
B-7 Public Transport
B-8 Rapid Transit
B-9 Railroads
B-10 River and Bus Transport
B-11 River, Seaports and Harbors
B-12 Subways
B-13 Tunnels
C-Public Utilities and Related Fields
C-1 Air Pollution Control
C-2 Cartography
C-3 Dams
C-4 Drainage
C-5 Electrical Installations
C-6 Gas Installation and Transmission
C-7 Heating, Ventilating, Air-conditioning
C-8 Hospitals
C-9 Housing
C-10 Industrial Utilities
C-11 Marine Terminal Facilities
C-12 Mining
C-13 Nuclear Energy
C-14 Parking Facilities
C-15 Power Stations
C-16 Power Transmission and Distribution
C-17 Solid Waste Management
C-18 Buildings
C-19 Telecommunications
C-20 Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Disposal
C-21 Water Supply and Distribution
C-22 Chemical Testing
D-1 Agricultural Products and Food Processing
D-2 Bricks and Tiles
D-3 Cement Works
D-4 Ceramics
D-5 Chemical Plants (Including Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Plastics)
D-6 Coal
D-7 Fish Processing
D-8 Foundries
D-9 Glass Plants
D-10 Hides and Leather Processing
D-11 Industrial Estates
D-12 Machinery Plants
D-13 Materials Handling
D-14 Metallurgical
D-15 Mineralogy
D-16 Non-ferrous Processing Plants
D-17 Oil
D-18 Pharmaceutical Plants
D-19 Pulp and Paper
D-20 Rubber
D-21 Steel and Iron Works
D-22 Textiles
D-23 Timber Processing
E-Architecture and Related Fields
E-1 Conservation
E-2 Education Facilities
E-3 Factories and Buildings
E-4 Parks
E-5 Social and Low Cost Buildings
E-6 Urban Development and Town Planning
E-7 Zoo
F-Economic Planning and Related Fields
F-1 Accounting and Auditing
F-2 Economic Impact Report
F-3 Economic Policy and Studies
F-4 Energy Conservation
F-5 Finance
F-6 Foreign Trade
F-7 Marketing
F-8 Organization and Management of Public and/or Private Enterprises
F-9 Regional Development
G-1 Hotels and Tourism
G-2 Resort Development
Type Services
NoType of ServicesX if any
1 Advisory Service
2 Aerial Photography
3 Architectural
4 Computer Services
5 Construction Management
6 Design of Machinery and Equipment
7 Economic Studies
8 Engineering Design, Estimating, Preparation of Contract Documents, Bid Evaluation
9 Environmental Studies
10 Farm Extension Services
11 Geological Surveys
12 Geophysical Surveys
13 Hydro-Geology
14 Hydrological Surveys
15 Industrial Process Engineering
16 Machine Processing of Engineering Data
17 Management Studies
18 Market Surveys
19 Mineral Surveys, Photo Interpretation
20 Mineral Exploration
21 Oceanography
22 Planning Studies
23 Project Management
24 Purchasing, Inspection and Testing of Materials and Equipment
25 Resource Surveys
26 Rate Studies and Appraisals
27 Sectors Studies
28 Soils Engineering, Foundation Engg. And Design
29 Supervision of Construction or Equipment Installation Contracts
30 Testing and Inspection
31 Topographical and Soil Surveys
32 Technical Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Engineering Studies
33 Traffic Studies
34 Value Analysis
NoInformation TechnologyX if any
1 Computer Services
2 Systems Design
Typical projects for which consultant services have been furnished during past five years
(Including Present Projects which are being furnished)
Year Project Name
Client Consultant
Period Of Work Project Type
Scope Of Work
Major Projects in Africa
Project Title Client / Engineer
Contract Sum US $ Contract Period
Brief Scope of Works
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